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Frequency [MHz]149.62000
Frequency Record Identifier0002050427
Regulatory Service1
Communication TypeD
Conformity to Frequency PlanB
Frequency Allocation Name
Legacy System Internationl Co-ordination Number224171NT
Occupied Bandwith [kHz]8.1
Designation of Emission8K10F1E--
Modulation TypeLMR-DIGITAL
Filtration Installed1
Tx Effective Radiated Power [dBW]-
Tx Transmitter Power [W]-
Total Losses [dB]3.3
Analog Capacity [Channels]1.
Digital Capacity [Mbit/s].064
Rx Unfaded Received Signal Level [dBW]
Rx Threshold Signal Level for BER 10e-3 [dBW]
Manufacturer* Other Manufacturer (not listed) * - * Autre fabricant (non inclus) *
Model NumberSD212-HF2
Gain [dBi]7.1484
Antenna Pattern
Half-Power (3 dB) Beamwidth [Deg]
Front-to-Back Ratio [dB]
Heigh Above Ground Level [m]30
Azimuth Of Main Lobe [Deg]0
Vertical Elevation Angle [Deg]
Station LocationSandbanks Provincial Park - Maintenance
Licensee Station Reference
Call SignCGI520
Station Type8
ITU Class of StationFX
Staion Cost Category
Number Of Identical Stations
Reference IdentifierSandbanks Provincial Park
Ground Elevation Above Mean Sea Level [m]80
Antenna Structure Height Above Ground Level [m]30
Congestion ZoneL
Radius Of Operation [km]0
Satellite Name
Authorization Number010941969-001
Licence TypeS
Authorization StatusG
In-Service Date2023-01-30
Account Number049080006809
Licensee NameHis Majesty The King in Right of The Province of Ontario (GMCB)
Licensee Address21 College Street, Suite 301,Toronto,ON,M5G 2B3
Operational Status-
Station Classification-
Horizontal Power [W]-
Vertical Power [W]-
Standby Transmitter Information

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