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Frequency [MHz]149.62000
Frequency Record Identifier0002050413
Regulatory Service1
Communication TypeD
Conformity to Frequency PlanB
Frequency Allocation Name
Legacy System Internationl Co-ordination Number
Occupied Bandwith [kHz]8.1
Designation of Emission8K10F1W--
Modulation TypeLMR-DIGITAL
Filtration Installed1
Tx Effective Radiated Power [dBW]-
Tx Transmitter Power [W]-
Total Losses [dB]3.3
Analog Capacity [Channels]1.
Digital Capacity [Mbit/s].064
Rx Unfaded Received Signal Level [dBW]
Rx Threshold Signal Level for BER 10e-3 [dBW]
Manufacturer* Other Manufacturer (not listed) * - * Autre fabricant (non inclus) *
Model NumberSD212-HF2
Gain [dBi]7.1484
Antenna Pattern
Half-Power (3 dB) Beamwidth [Deg]
Front-to-Back Ratio [dB]
Heigh Above Ground Level [m]30
Azimuth Of Main Lobe [Deg]0
Vertical Elevation Angle [Deg]
Station LocationRene Brunelle Provincial Park
Licensee Station Reference
Call SignCGI517
Station Type8
ITU Class of StationFX
Staion Cost Category
Number Of Identical Stations
Reference Identifier
Ground Elevation Above Mean Sea Level [m]232
Antenna Structure Height Above Ground Level [m]30
Congestion ZoneL
Radius Of Operation [km]0
Satellite Name
Authorization Number010941975-001
Licence TypeS
Authorization StatusG
In-Service Date2022-11-15
Account Number049080006809
Licensee NameHis Majesty The King in Right of The Province of Ontario (GMCB)
Licensee Address21 College Street, Suite 301,Toronto,ON,M5G 2B3
Operational Status-
Station Classification-
Horizontal Power [W]-
Vertical Power [W]-
Standby Transmitter Information

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