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What Is This For?

  • This web page serves one function only: to make is easier for you to find what you're looking for in the database of Canadian frequency allocations maintained by the licensing body, Industry Canada Innovation, Science and Economic Development Canada.

  • This web page does not contain any data other than what's publicly available for download from their own web site. That means this is just a repackaging of their data. I make no claims to any intellectual property herein other than the coding used to format the data and execute the search.

  • If you wish, you can use their search tools to find exactly the same (and more!) data. But I find it awkward to use. I just want a plain search-everything kind of way to look up frequencies, licensees or locations. This site will let you do that.

  • Plug in any frequency or text you like and it'll find all matches in any of the fields. All you have to do is select which province file you want to search. A lot of the data cannot be attributed to a specific province, so try "Other" as well.

  • While it is possible to find some public-safety frequencies in these files, they are generally protected by Industry Canada and therefore not included in the publicly posted files. So they're not here either.

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